The ultimate in “safe-zone” protection…

Fits in your breast pocket, lethal as a Glock,
but legal on a plane, in the courthouse and
on college campuses everywhere…

In a close-quarters encounter with a bad guy…

It Could Save Your LIFE!

I’m “Ox”, co-author of Tactical Firearms Training Secrets.

And I want to make sure you are NEVER unarmed.

Because if you ever read the news, you know today’s threat filled world is more dangerous than ever.

Headline after headline shows terrorists, violent activists, gang-bangers and thugs seemingly around every corner.

And it’s your RIGHT to defend yourself against them!

These days you never know what dark parking lot, ATM machine, or elevator criminal scum is lurking around.

You don’t know where they’re hiding in the shadows, intent on mugging, robbing even kidnapping you or your loved ones.

…or worse.

But you can’t always carry a pistol. And even those times you can, you may not be in a position to draw.

You can’t always carry a knife either…

…which leaves most folks without a way to defend themselves effectively against assailants who don’t play by the rules.

But starting soon, you could carry the Stealth Tactical Pen and have German designed protection about ANYWHERE!

Introducing: The Stealth Tactical Pen

After today, no bad guy will even have the hint of the power you carry in your breast pocket.

This powerful pen has SEROIUS bad guy stopping power.

Made of forged aluminum so it’s lightweight, and featuring an ultra-tough tungsten carbide tip, the Stealth Tactical Pen could be the difference-maker as:

  • A Weapon – Protect yourself or your family from surprise close-quarters muggings, robbery attempts or ambush attacks
  • Emergency Rescue Tool – with its tungsten carbide “business end” the tactical pen can instantly break through drywall, windows, even tempered glass!
  • And of course… a pen! You may not know, but those tethered pens you use at stores to sign credit card slips could expose you to nasty pathogens and having your own with you at all times could preserve you from today’s new “creepy-crawly” threats to your health.

I don’t leave home without this German designed beauty.

And neither should you.

Now… I can understand if you’re skeptical.

After all, it’s “just” a pen, right?

Simply click on the video below and you’ll see how devastatingly powerful this free tactical pen is…

German Designed – Built to Last a Lifetime

Look, I’ve sized up dozens of tactical pens… and frankly, most are J-U-N-K.

The “better” ones may last one time for self-defense, but what if you were faced with multiple attackers?

That’s why the German designed Stealth Tactical Pen is built to bulletproof specs.

  • A forged, aircraft grade aluminum body that makes it lightweight… but still has a balance and feel few can match. (I LOVE the ergonomics!)
  • The tungsten carbide tip has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness… a diamond is 10. Meaning this is one tough tip. In fact it’s made of the same material used in armor piercing rounds.
  • Writes on wet paper, underwater, even upside down!
  • The pocket clip is secured by spring steel screws, not a weakly designed ring that easily moves and could cause injury.
  • And the flat thumb pad at the end multiplies the force of a strike!

Plus, the Stealth Tactical Pen is TRULY stealth. No obnoxious huge logo, so it attracts almost NO attention.

The fact is... this is an “operative level” tool Jason Bourne would be proud to carry!

And if you take your responsibility to protect your family seriously, you’ll be happy I arranged one for you at a very special deal.

But the problem is, I just can’t get my hands on all of the Stealth Tactical Pens I want.

So today may be your only chance to claim your Stealth Tactical Pen, unless you’re prepared to wait for up to a month.

See, these potent pens are in huge demand around the world.

I can only manage to get a few hundred at a time, because after other sellers of this amazing tool get their “logo” versions… I get the rest of the run.

Sometimes there’s nothing left.

Other times, I may get a few hundred.

And I’ve negotiated rock-bottom prices for the “leftover” run… WITHOUT LOGOS.

Because who needs all the fancy “branding” anyway?

It only costs you as much as $69 for the logo. 😉

Not to mention most logos scream “TACTICAL!” and make tactical pens stick out like a sore thumb.

It’s smart to be low profile and stealthily blend in.

But right now, I’m down to 157 Stealth Tactical Pens.

And because my mission is to help my fellow American’s keep themselves and their loved ones safe… I’m letting them go at about breakeven.

That means if you claim the Stealth Tactical Pen reserved for you today, you won’t pay $69.

You won’t even pay $29.

Today, you can claim your Stealth Tactical Pen for just $19.95.

Plus I’ll even throw in FREE shipping.

Test the Stealth Tactical Pen for 60 Days

Look, you don’t need to make a decision right now.

All you have to do is give the Stealth Tactical Pen a test.

If you pick it up out of the box and feel it was “oversold” – all you need to do is return it for a full refund.

But once you pick it up… you’ll see why I love this crafty little tool.

And you’ll get a full 60 days to test it out.

If you don’t find it a quality, handy little “insurance policy” for your personal safety, just return it within the 60 days and I’ll refund your money with no questions asked.

Plus I’ll back it to the hilt…

Your Stealth Tactical Pen
LIFETIME Warranty!

That’s right, I’ll back it for LIFE.

Here’s how it works.

If your pen ever breaks, send it to me and I’ll replace it for a nominal shipping and handling charge… FOR LIFE!

Of course this warranty doesn’t cover the pen cartridge… I just can’t do that.

But if you ever run out of ink, all you have to get is a Parker refill and you’re good to go. (They are commonly available at office supply stores…)

So the warranty is on the pen body, the tungsten carbide tip and the clip.

How can I do this lifetime warranty?


The Stealth Tactical Pen is a sturdy, durable tool, German designed to last.

And while anything can break, I know few will.

Besides, as I mentioned earlier, I’d prefer you’re never left unarmed.

So I’ll put my money where my mouth is.

Ready to claim yours?

First, let me show you how to use it effectively if you ever need it.

Because I’ll also include…

The Tactical Pen Self-Defense
Guide… FREE!

I’m a big believer that the gear is only a tiny part of the equation… and the right training is vital to make the most of this amazing tool.

So I asked a buddy to help you with that.

A pal with a very special background…

In fact, he was the Special Forces Weapons Sargent who created the combatives program for the 3rd Special Forces Group.

And now he’ll do for you what he’s done for special operations personnel, overseas security forces, and tactical law enforcement.

tac-pen-groupHe crafted this Tactical Pen Combatives guide so that you’ll actually know how to use this incredible tool to its fullest extent.

After all, the tool itself is nothing without the training that gives you a high level of competence and the confidence you’ll need in wielding this potentially life-saving tactical pen.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • 32 areas of the human body most susceptible to a deterring an attack. No matter what situation a bad guy puts you in, striking one of these areas could rapidly end the confrontation.
  • The secret of “ramming and raking” an assailant into submission…
  • How to get impervious “situational awareness” so you could outright avoid a confrontation… or know when “the you-know-what” is about to hit the fan so you’re on the “front-foot” when it goes down…
  • A “trick” for programming muscle memory so that your defense is an overwhelming blitzkrieg of hurt…
  • The correct technique for using your tactical pen to rescue yourself, a loved one, or even a perfect stranger who’s trapped and not equipped to make it out of a bad situation alive…
  • A cheap add-on that makes your new tactical pen “007 worthy”…
  • And more!

That’s how serious I am about getting you the hottest, must-have personal protection and safety tool… and giving you the knowledge you’ll need to use it effectively.

No one else gives you both.

So claim your Stealth Tactical Pen today, because I may run out tomorrow.

Remember, I only have 157 left today.

And it could be a month or more until I get the un-logoed “leftovers” from the big brands.

With a 60 day Money-Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty against breakage, and a huge discount of over $54… how could you go wrong?

Trust me, you’ll sleep better at night knowing you’re protected at all times.

Take care, and God Bless,


Stealth Tactical Pen

  • A Weapon – Protect yourself or your family from surprise close-quarters muggings, robbery attempts or ambush attacks.
  • Emergency Rescue Tool – With its tungsten carbide “business end” the tactical pen can instantly break through drywall, windows, even tempered glass!
  • German Designed and Built to Last a Lifetime – Forged, aircraft grade aluminum body that makes it lightweight… but still has a balance and feel few can match.
  • Tactical Pen Combatives Guide - This rare guide gives you all you need to defend yourself or others in close quarters, no matter your age, size, or mobility.
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